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More often than not, the moment that you contact an online pharmacy, you are talking to a machine-generated voice.  Most online pharmacies are using a machine-generated message that will answer your questions automatically, but you can’t ask further questions.  How can you properly ask your questions when all answers are machine-generated by software that can’t even understand your real situation?  Though some of these online pharmacies that use machine-generated answers offer very affordable prices, it makes you think that these online pharmacies are not run by medical professionals, and the prices are affordable because of poor quality service and medications.  That is why it is very important to look for online pharmacies like Generic4All that offer good quality services and products.

How Will You Know If An Online Pharmacy Offers Quality Services?

One of the best ways to find out the reputation of Generic4All is by reading Generic4All reviews.  You can always find and read the reviews on the official website at  You can sometimes read negative reviews, and that insures you will be informed of the possible problems that you may encounter if you want to order from Generic4All.  More so, reviews will tell you just about everything you need to know – both negative and positive.  However, most of the Generic4All reviews talk about how satisfied customers are upon receiving their orders.  Some customers even recommend Generic4All to those people who have doubts about trying the services of an online pharmacy.

Reasons to Trust Generic4All

Upon reading some comments and opinions from Generic4All user reviews, you may have questions about the authenticity of all the statements.  How will you know if a statement is true and not a fake?  It could be difficult to know how good the services are of Generic4All without personal experience with the company, so it would be wise to at least try it for yourself.  That way you can experience its great services personally and at the same time disprove any negative claims in the reviews.   Some of the reasons to trust Generic4All include:

•    Customer Service Available Around the Clock.  To prove the high quality services of Generic4All, the site provides around the clock customer service.  Since it is available around the clock, customers can get answers to all their questions at any time of the day.  There are two choices for contact – either a live chat room online or through their phone number.  That way customers have a choice in how they are going to contact Generic4All.  Using the live chat room and the phone number are both free hence requiring no additional fees or payments.

•    Save Around 80% of Cost for Most Medications.  You might not know it, but buying generic medications can make you save at least 80% in most cases.  Some people are not fond of generics for the reason that they are afraid to sacrifice any quality over price.  But generics have the same ingredients and concentrations as the brand name medications.  Therefore, if you use generics, you still get the same effects and benefits, and you are not sacrificing quality for lower costs which means you can usually save at least 80% of your total medication budget.

•    Regular Discounts for Loyal Customers.  To show how glad Generic4All is to have all of its patronizing customers, they give regular discounts on their products.  Don’t be surprised if the pharmacy representative offers great deals and special promotions.  Just make sure to comply with all their requirements so you can enjoy the discounts.  Some special packages are also offered if you buy a dozen or more of any kind of medication.

Furthermore, the care Generic4All has for their customers can also be seen with how easy the payment methods are to use.  All you need is a VISA or MASTERCARD.  Don’t worry about your transaction password and information safety because Generic4All always protects customers’ information.  If you don’t get your order within the stated time, you can always contact the customer service, and they will send your order again.  Sending your order again does not have any additional charge, but make sure you check with your local post office first before contacting customer service if your order has not been delivered.  The money back guarantee is offered to insure the customer’s satisfaction and contentment of the services offered by Generic4All.

Other Issues with Generic4all

What happend to them recently? they were forced to close their main site but they continued their operation in their generic4all official site: We had to clear that after we received many questions about this issue.


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